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com.hurlant.crypto.Crypto is a good starting point:
For example, if you want AES-128 in CTR mode with IV prepended, just ask for
var cipher:ICipher = Crypto.getCipher("simple-aes128-ctr", key);
where <key> is a ByteArray representing your key.
If your key is in a different format, you can use Hex or Base64 to convert it:
var key:ByteArray = Hex.toArray("01020304050708090a0b0c0d0e0f00");
var key:ByteArray = Base64.toArray("AQIDBAUGBwgJCgsMDQ4PAA==");
Once you have your cipher, you can encrypt and decrypt with
where <data> is a ByteArray. Note that every cipher modifies the data in place.

If you want a HMAC of SHA-224 with 128 significant bits, you can use
var hmac:HMAC = Crypto.getHMAC("hmac-128-sha224");
You can then use it as:
var value:ByteArray = hmac.compute(key, data);

That's it for now. Source files that might help:
- com/hurlant/crypto/
- The tests under com/hurlant/tests/*.as
- The Flex 2 components (the *.mxml files)

Until then, the source is the documentation.